Noel Gallagher Is An Anti-Masker

Why are we not surprised

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In the least surprising news of the year, Oasis band leader Noel Gallagher has gone on (yet another) rant, this time about wearing masks.

Joining Matt Morgan's podcast this week, the British rocker commented on the current situation of wearing masks in public, saying: "the whole f*cking thing's bullocks.... This f*cking virus bullsh*t and the masks and all that is f*cking depressing".

The 53 year old musician dropped a few F bombs to express his confusion and annoyance around the rules of wearing face masks saying: "I choose not to wear one, if I get the virus it's on me... the science says they're pointless".

This new rant is a welcomed change from the usual bickering about his ex-bandmate and brother Liam.

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Cassie Walker

16 September 2020

Article by:

Cassie Walker

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