North Queensland Businesses Brace For Reopening Changes

Vaccine lock out rules

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The decision to lock out unvaccinated people from venues and businesses once Queensland hits double-dose targets of 80 per cent is sending panic across Cairns.

On December 17, Covid restrictions will lift at hospitality venues, indoor entertainment venues, outdoor activities, festivals, weddings, and government-owned galleries, museums and libraries for eligible people who are fully vaccinated.

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Senior Policy Advisor at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, Amanda Rohan believes the State Government's announcement is a step in the right direction.

"We do still need to better understand what is required of business if there is a Covid positive case, either in their staff or from a customer," she said, "and also, as well, if there's that first line of defence - rapid antigen testing, and what that could look like for businesses".

However, not everyone in North Queensland is behind the lockout changes enforcing businesses to display the vaccination rules, ask for the evidence of vaccination and if they cannot provide evidence, then ask that person to leave.

KAP State Member for Hinchinbrook Nick Dametto has said that business owners shouldn't be expected to police these mandates.

"We're forcing businesses to stand down people that aren't vaccinated. I ask how are we going to run our businesses, how are going to run our clubs, night clubs without this workforce out there?".

- MP Dametto

Despite mixed responses, many believe the new plan is better than the previous one, which gave businesses the discretion to allow unvaccinated patrons into their venues.


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10 November 2021

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