Northern Tassie Women Finally Gain Access To Surgical Abortions Locally

Changing stigma

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A win for women in the state's North and North West with surgical terminations to be accessible in Public Hospitals as soon as early October. 

Four years since the last private abortion clinic closed its doors in Tasmania, advocacy groups are applauding the long overdue move, with women previously needing to travel for the procedure.

The Tasmania Briefing

Jo Flanagan from Women's Health Tasmania said the new referral process will without a doubt, help a lot of women.

"It's also the signal it sends, that these aren't like services that shouldn't be provided, these aren't a terrible thing to have available locally. It’s a normal health service, it’s a normal sexual and reproductive health service and you’re not an outcast for needing the service"

- Jo Flanagan

Accessibility to surgical abortions via the state's three public hospitals means women no longer must travel to Hobart to have the procedure.

Family Planning Tasmania chief executive Cedric Manen said they have been lobbying for this system for a very long time.

"Tasmania has robust legislation guaranteeing women's right to termination of pregnancy services, now we have the service system to support the legislation."

- Cedric Manen

The aim is for women to be referred through their GP to one of Tasmania's public hospitals from October 4. 


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27 August 2021

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