Now Deadpool Is Getting The Cards Against Humanity Treatment

"I promised myself I wouldn't..."

23 February 2018

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If Deadpool was going to play a board game (card game?) it would undoubtedly be Cards Against Humanity. 

So it makes sense that the movie franchise is getting its own version of the irreverent game, aptly called Deadpool vs the World.

According to USAopoly, the adult party game features 100 custom illustrations of Ryan Reynolds' character in "very strange and unsightly situations", enabling players to provide "the most outrageous explanations of the Merc with a Mouth's predicaments".

Whoever can best come up with an explanation for why Deadpool is in that particular compromising situation wins.

"Winning requires players to tread outside of their comfort zone and fill in the blanks of cards that elicit inappropriate responses, ensuring outcomes of surprise, shock and outbursts of laughter," the company explains.

That, or it'll just be a race to the dirtiest pun.

Deadpool vs the World is due to drop this winter and will set you back about $30.

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