Now It Is Winter..............

Give Me Summer Again.

Cliff Reeve

5 June 2018

Cliff Reeve

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Now it is winter, and I am discontent.

With apologies to The Bard, the sentiment remains, I really, really hate winter.


Yes I know it comes around every year, though I am looking at a private member's bill to get that looked at and I figure it would be that difficult to achieve. 

Rain is certainly needed, so maybe a week or so of solid rain to fill up the dams and water the newly designed crops, a few weeks of autumn coolness, about a month of spring and the rest should be summer.

Rule of thumb would be, if it's 27 degrees all is right with the world, if it's less than 27 it's cold and therefore unacceptable.

A buddy of mine who is a Buddhist heard me moaning about the cold some time ago and pulled me aside in our kitchen and asked why I don't simply accept it, my answer back to him was why don't you just accept that I HATE WINTER!

He walked away.

Please don't bring me the "you can always put more clothes on" line, I can never get warmth into my bones even with the leccy blanket on 3 however I can always find a cool spot in summer.

43 degrees might be a bit much though, even a summer lover like me will accede to that.

One day I'll be rich enough to not have to have a winter anywhere, I can see it now, summer in the beautiful South West and as soon as May rolls around it's off to Thailand until September!

You see, I've got it all worked out but in the meantime if you see me and I'm scowling, it's probably less than 27 degrees.

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