Bulldogs, Raiders Involved In Salary Cap Breach

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Canterbury and Canberra have been slugged with fines by the NRL for salary cap breaches.

Canterbury have been fined $61,474 for breaching the NRL cap by $81,965 last year, with the NRL saying the fine was 75 per cent of the breach amount because the club had self-reported.

Canberra were fined $16,037 for breaches of the second-tier and NYC caps from last year in addition to a $68,073 fine for breaches of the 2015 NRL and NYC caps.

The NRL says the Raiders have a poor record of compliance with salary cap rules having recorded breaches in five of the last six years.

Canberra's chief executive Don Furner said "unforeseen circumstances" were to blame for the variety of breaches over the two years.

"Due to changes to the club's rosters during this period and injuries which forced squad changes, the club was forced to make some unplanned player movements which have forced minor breaches of the salary cap," Furner said in a statement.

He said the club would continue to work with the NRL to manage the salary cap in accordance with the rules and regulations.

"It's unfortunate that we've had to endure these fines, but the club accepts the NRL decision regarding these breaches," he added.

The clubs have five business days to request a review from the NRL Appeals Committee.

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16 May 2017

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