NSW Cases Surge As Calls For Reinstated Restrictions Escalate

‘Given the uncertainty’

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New South Wales continues to break records as infections surge with 3,763 new Covid case reported on Wednesday and sadly two lives lost. 

The new infections were detected from a whooping 151, 443 swabs collected on Tuesday, as people prepare for Christmas and travel.

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There are currently 302 people in hospital, while 40 of those are in ICU. 

As of Wednesday, more than 93 per cent of eligible people aged over 16 are now fully vaccinated, while 94.9 per cent have received their first dose. 

Meanwhile, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet continues to block calls to reinstate mask mandates, despite rising cases, instead encouraging people to take “personal responsibility”.

It comes as the Australian Medical Association call for some reinstated restrictions 'given the uncertainty' of Omicron ahead of today's 'informal' emergency National Cabinet meeting.

AMA vice president Dr Chris Moy told ABC News Breakfast, reintroducing some restrictions is a 'no-brainer'.

"The AMA’s position is given the uncertainty about Omicron and already the pressure we are seeing across the country it makes absolute sense as soon as possible to implement pretty simple things like mask-wearing which has been shown to reduce the spread of Covid, but also things like re-institution of QR codes in New South Wales and also some density limits at the moment, because what we are seeing is massive outbreaks, a lot stemming from places like nightclubs and pubs."

"That seems to make sense, while we make sense of what Omicron brings to us and whether it is something that, despite the predictions of a large number of cases, whether it is something that is going to be very serious and is going to cause significant disease, breakthrough the vaccines and cause a lot of hospitalisations," he said.

Meanwhile, as pressure mounts for federal, state and territory leaders to introduce mask mandates for all indoor setting, along with slashing the wait-time for booster shoots, Mr Morrison has cautioned its "about getting that balance right.”

“As a country, and as Australians there are many things we are responsible for and our own health is one of those things."

- Mr Morrison


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21 December 2021

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