NSW Mandate Reporting Positive Rapid Antigen Test

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NSW premier Dominic Perrottet has announced from 9am Wednesday, people must register a positive rapid antigen test through the Service NSW App. 

"We made a decision as a government that the registration of that test is mandatory and you will need to register your positive rapid antigen test from 1 January," he announced. "So if you received a positive test from the 1 January you can do that through the Service NSW App." 

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Not to be taken lightly, if anyone in NSW fails to register a positive rapid antigen test they will face a $1,000 fine, however the penalty will only be enforced from January 15.

"It will only take a couple of minutes. Simple questions in terms of registering details if you are registering a positive test for yourself or for somebody else, those details need to be provided."

Shifting the focus from numbers to health services, the premier commented that “unlike other states”, the reason for reporting RATs is to connect people with care.

"Importantly, also the provision of information in relation to whether you have any underlying health conditions, whether you are pregnant. That medical information we ask you for because unlike other states what we do here in New South Wales and the importance of this which the doctor will speak to is connecting people with care."

- Premier Perrottet

To register a positive RAT result go to the Service NSW website, or click here.


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11 January 2022

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