NYPD Cops Caught Making The Most Of A Patrol Car's Back Seat By Their BODY CAM

"A lot of grunting and groaning"

Triple M Staff

15 March 2019

Triple M Staff

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If you're still embarrassed about the time you made out with your colleague at the Christmas party and your entire office witnessed it, imagine how THIS pair feel.

Two NYPD cops have been caught making the most of their patrol car's back seat while on duty thanks to some presumably cringeworthy footage from one of their body cams.

The two unnamed officers were working the night shift, according to the New York Post and New York Daily News, when they took a few moments to strip off and enjoy each other's company.

Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, one item was overlooked: the female officer's body cam.

It's reported that when she took it off her shirt and hid it under her discarded vest, she activated it by mistake, meaning that, while there was no vision, there was some pretty clear audio.

"The camera was rolling throughout the action, capturing audio of the lusty law-officers - neither of whom was immediately identified by name - that left little to the imagination," an anonymous source is quote saying in the New York Post.

"The female office can even be heard gushing to her lover about the apparent sex act as they basked in the afterglow."

NY Daily News added: "There was a lot of grunting and groaning. It was crystal clear like Bose audio."

The illicit dalliance was only uncovered when the camera footage was reviewed as per protocol, and the NYPD have confirmed that they're carrying out "an internal review".

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