NZ Authorities Inundated With Aussie Citizenship Queries

After the Deputy PM's citizenship issue

Natalie Shoebridge

15 August 2017

Natalie Shoebridge

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It has been reported that New Zealand authorities have been inundated with citizenship clarification requests after it was revealed yesterday that Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce was a dual citizen.

The issue arose due to descent rules which make Mr Joyce a citizen until this status is renounced.

NZ citizenship can be passed on if the parent is a NZ citizen at the time of their child's birth.

In Mr Joyce's case, this applies to his father.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the NZ Minister of Internal Affairs has seen a huge increase in traffic on their citizenship questionnaire website, going up from 152 pageviews on August 7 to over 11,000 yesterday.

You can check your citizenship status here.

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