Revived Ocean Pool Plans Unveiled For Burleigh Pavilion Amid Controversy

25m pool, spa, showers and cafe

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An ocean fed saltwater community pool will be reintroduced at the popular Burleigh Pavilion under a new plan from owner Ben May.

The blueprint for the project includes renovating the ground floor of the building, which has been unused for more than a year, revamping the area into a 25m pool, much like the iconic Icebergs at Sydney's Bondi Beach.

The plan also includes a spa and showers, as well as a new cafe and takeaway restaurant area next door.

The current state of the ground floor

May Hotels owner Ben May said he hoped it appeases those protesting his plans for the site, after a campaign from the community to reintroduce the pool.

"I had plans that didn't include a pool and I've now changed those," said Mr May.

"It'll be a great asset to the building and a great asset to Burleigh.

"Clearly the community wants it and if I didn't have a pool down there I think I would be in for a huge battle."

Blueprint for the planned revamp

The announcement has come amid an ongoing protest from the community against Queensland Government potentially awarding Mr May a hotel license, with state member for Burleigh Michael Hart a vocal critic.

It would allow the venue to operate until 2am and for poker machines to be installed, something which Mr May claimed he has refused to consider.

However the local MP said that doesn't stop a future owner from introducing them.

"I know Ben is saying that he has no intention of [selling the venue], and I believe Ben," said Mr Hart.

"But you don't know what a future owner may choose to do should he ever sell the venue.

"If they're offered enough money for something they're always going to consider selling.

"If Ben is suggesting he'll never sell this venue in the future I don't believe him."

However Mr May dismissed fears he would do just that as the venue booms in popularity.

"We'll be talking with state government around those exact concerns of late trading and poker machines and giving absolute clarity around the fact that won't be part of my plans for anyone else's future plans," said Mr May.

"Michael [Hart] seems to think I have the intention of selling this business. Why would I?

"To be honest, you wouldn't even put poker machines in a venue like this. They would sit empty."

Matt Petropoulos

28 May 2019

Article by:

Matt Petropoulos

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