Policeman Who Shot Justine Damond Declines Interview

"I wish he would"

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The Police Officer who shot dead Australian woman Justine Damond has refused to speak to authorities investigating the case.

Mohammed Noor has remained silent after he shot the 40 year old bride to be at point blank range outside her Minneapolis home on Saturday.

She had dialled 911 to report what she believed was an assault nearby, and approached the police vehicle wearing her pyjamas before the horrific tragedy happened.

The Minneapolis Mayor Besty Hodges has expressed her frustration, admititng there are still more questions than there are answers.

"We cannot compel officer Noor to make a statement... I wish we could," she said to the media on Wednesday, before then correcting herself.

"I wish that he would, make a statement is what I want to say. We can't compel him by law, but I wish that he would make that statement."



Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges Fronts Media


It comes after Justine Damond's family and friends gathered at FRESHWATER BEACH this morning to remember her.

She is being remembered as bright, intelligent, and infectious.

19 July 2017

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