Researchers Looking For MANGO TASTERS!

160 mango lovers needed

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Dream jobs include: beer taster, chocolate taster... basically anyone that is paid for eating delicious food has landed a cushy gig. 

And now researchers are on the look out for mango tasters!

WA's Department of Primary Industries need mango lovers to try some new mango varietals. New species of mangoes have been developed to try and make growing mangoes more viable especially out of season. The question is, will the new varietals still taste as good as their cousins?

That's where (potentially) you come in! 

If you are between 18 and 65, and have eaten a mango recently, than you are eligible. The research requires 160 mango munchers for an hour and a half on either Saturday, November 30 or Sunday, December 1, close to the Perth area. 

At this stage it is uncertain whether the gig is paid or not... it would be pretty sweet if it was!

If you want to get involved contact Tara Slaven, [email protected]

Sean Lindsay

20 November 2019

Article by:

Sean Lindsay

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