Only 5% Of Us Actually Sleep Well

Some even suffering memory loss

3 July 2017

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If you're reading this chances are you're not getting enough sleep.

Monday marks the launch of Sleep Awareness Week and to commemorate the occasion has released some interesting figures about how our collective drowsiness is negatively impacting our daily lives.

65% of us struggle with sleep deprivation or disturbed sleep, while an astonishingly meager number of are sleeping soundly every night: just 5%.

The impact of tiredness and fatigue creeps into every facet of our lives from mental health to motor skills, right through to our relationships. 20% of us say it makes us feel too unsafe to drive, while a whopping 35% of us suffer from memory loss related to a lack of sleep.

It's bad news for our partners as well: one in every three people says they're usually too tired to have sex, while 14% say their relationships are directly affected by sleeplessness. Ever wake up to the sight of your better half on a laptop, music blaring and keys clacking?

On average humans need about eight hours of sleep per night. This is not static: some will only need six, some may need ten or more.

However, most experts are in agreement that schedule is key. No matter how much you snooze, try to make sure you put your head down at around the same time each night, avoid looking at bright screens just before bed and try to eat hours beforehand.

For more information on positive sleep habits, head here.

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