Opal Tower Residents Forced To Evacuate Once Again

The investigation continues

27 December 2018

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Just days after it was declared safe, residents of the ‘cracking’ Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic Park have been asked to evacuate again.

"Icon confirms the building is structurally sound and the temporary relocation is a precautionary measure to allow engineers to work around the clock to investigate and remediate the site in the quickest time possible, without further disruption to residents," a spokeswoman said.

"Accommodation is being secured for all affected residents at nearby hotels and compensation will also be provided by Icon."

Residents of 36-storey building were evacuated on Christmas Eve after fears the building could collapse.


Fears were raised that morning after residents saw cracks on walls throughout the building.

Tradies worked throughout the night and during Christmas Day to rectify the problem.

Residents were allowed back in soon after, but will now spend potentially up to 10-days away from their homes as the investigation continues.

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