Optus Blocks Users From Millions Of Websites

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15 January 2018

Optus customers may have had a bit of a difficult morning browsing the web, with a bungle seeing millions of websites blocked.

The telco has reportedly blocked millions of websites accessed through a Bit.ly link management platform.


The following message appeared if a user attempted to click on a link:

The web site has been blocked. For your protection, this web page has been blocked by the Optus Network. Please only ever use https://www.optus.com.au/customercentre/myaccountlogin to access your Optus account. Optus will never ask for your account details via email. Vis http://www.optus.com.au/shop/support/answer?question=phishing for more information about phishing and internet security. If you believe this web page has been blocked in error, email us at abuse@optusnet.com.au

- Optus message

According to dailytelegraph.com.au, an Optus spokeswoman said an investigating is underway to sort out the issue.

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