Orazio Fantasia Declares He'll Play In The JLT Series

"It's healed really nicely."

Ethan Meldrum

31 January 2019

Ethan Meldrum

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Image: AAP

Orazio Fantasia says he'll be fit to play in the upcoming JLT Series after a finger injury that derailed his pre-season.

Fantasia got his finger caught in a teammate's jumper before Christmas and is still wearing a glove at training to protect it.

But he is confident it won't hamper him any further.

“The finger's going really, really well. It’s healed really nicely, which is what the specialist thought it would,” he told media on Thursday.

“I’ve just got to wear a bit of protective gear still, which is why you saw the glove the other day and back into training now, which is good.

“I was reaching for a tackle and got it caught in a jumper, and just felt a sort of pop, and knew it was something pretty significant straight away.”

Fantasia said he's still had a better pre-season, with his finger injury still allowing him to run.

"I think last year, for me, I had the knee injury and didn't start running until January, February, which sort of put me pretty far behind, and then trying to catch up and had no base," he said.

"Luckily this injury , I was still able to run and get that base in, and the body's feeling really, really good."

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