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Last night saw the already-iconic Fire Fight Australia gig featuring such luminary guests as Queen, Michael Buble, the Hilltop Hoods and more, and sister station Triple M's Becko was there to witness it and was good enough to review the gig for us.


It’s no secret that the centrepiece of the gig was Queen playing their set from 1985’s Live Aid, and Becko was absolutely floored by it.

“We were hanging around backstage, there were whispers saying ‘hey don’t tell anyone, they’re gonna do the Live Aid set, don’t tweet it out’,” Becko said.

“And sure enough that is what happened. It was amazing.”

Becko said Adam Lambert was in fine form.

“Adam Lambert has slotted right into playing his role,” he said.

“He’s not trying to be Freddy, he channels a bit of Freddy, but he’s not trying to be him and it was just an experience.

If you saw it on TV or if you were there, there was about 70,000 people just in awe.”

Watch two of the best songs from last night here:

Becko also discussed Grinspoon, the Hilltop Hoods, Amy Shark and of course John Farnham's classic performance of You're The Voice.

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Triple M Staff

17 February 2020

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Triple M Staff

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