Over 18,000 People In Melbourne Are Planning To Stand On Their Porch And Scream This Friday Night

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This Friday night at 7pm, Melburnians will come together (in spirit) by standing on their own front porches and screaming. 

It's understandable that Melbourne residents would want to let out some steam, having entered into the strictest lockdown the country has seen so far in the coronavirus pandemic. 

So one person decided to create a Facebook event, simply titled, "Stand on your front porch and scream". 

It continues:

"Covid’s sh*t. Every1s a bit sad. Just stand on ur porch and scream until u feel a bit better. Let’s all unite in our shared depression."

The event already has over 18,000 people committed to participate.

This is really something for everyone, whether or not you're into screaming out loud while holding eye contact with your neighbours.

One user commented that they're planning to yodel, while another claimed he'd be turning his amp up to 11. 

But this is the kind of thing that definitely needs some preparation. Another user asked for recommendations for vocal warm ups, adding, "Have tried lip buzz in the past but did not find it all that effective". 

Another comment addressed concerns about scaring neighbourhood pets, writing, "Surely they’ll be like 'f*** yeah listen to these humans do our job' and then join in". 

And then of course, the question on everyone's minds was raised by one Facebook user who wrote, "Is Jimmy coming to this?"

Whether or not Jimmy Barnes is planning to join the scream fest remains unknown, but for screaming inspiration, check out the below video...

Head over to the Facebook Event page to find out more. 

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Ebony Reeves

4 August 2020

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Ebony Reeves

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