Overhaul Of English, Maths Syllabus For NSW School System

Amid record lows in literacy

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The New South Wales school curriculum is set for a shake-up, with a sweeping overhaul of the English syllabus.

An increased focus on grammar, punctuation and sentence structure for children in Years 3 to 10 will begin to be rolled out - in addition to a fresh Maths course.

The core focus of the alteration will help students express complex understanding, write clear sentences and raise academic results.

This year's NAPLAN results highlighted record lows for teenage boys' literacy, with one in six students failing to reach the minimum standard in English teachings.

"If our NAPLAN results have shown us anything, it’s that we need to focus on the explicit teaching of grammar, sentence structure and punctuation in high school. Focusing on those foundational skills is key to success," NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said.


The Premier said the new syllabuses were significant steps in the NSW curriculum reform.

"It is vital that NSW students are developing strong skills in both literacy and numeracy so they can succeed in school and beyond," he said.

Shadow Education Minister, Prue Car believes an overhaul should've already been ticked off.

"The government really has 12 years to fix this," she said.

"They knew results were declining, they've sat on their hands and five minutes to midnight before an election they have people believe they're going to overhaul the syllabus and it's all going to change."

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5 December 2022

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