Own A Business? There A Brand New FB Group To Help You Spruik Your Wares

Perth is open!

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We know we're resilient here in the West, and in the face of arguably the biggest crisis we'll see in our lifetimes, a Facebook group has been created to tell the world that many Perth businesses are still open for business and willing to do what they can to get through this horrendous time.

It's called Perth Is Open, and was only started mid week. Already, it has over 500 members and is going north quickly.


A really great thing that's emerging from the group, is the amount of businesses in the group that are pledging goods and services to the absolute heroes of this crisis, the health care workers who put their own personal safety aside to help others.


We truly can't express how grateful we all are, although many Perth businesses are doing what little they can to say thanks.

This is right in line with what we're trying to do at the radio station, and that's to give your business a free plug. We'll even chuck in an unplugged song to brighten the mood a bit.

If you own a business in Perth and want to get involved, click here.

Let's beat this horrendous situation the only way we know how. By sticking together.

A few weeks ago, Elissa Macneall and @dantheinternut tried to predict what Perth would be like in a lockdown situation. How'd they go?

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Written by: @dantheinternut


27 March 2020

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