Parts Of North Queensland Will Dip To 11 This Weekend

Autumn is here!

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Just as some COVID-19 restrictions ease and we’re allowed outside a little more, Autumn has decided to properly arrive.

Cooler mornings have been a welcomed change, but now things are getting a little more serious for us Summer loving North Queenslanders.

Start hunting for your favourite hoodie, cardigan, and trackie dacks as the temps dip into the teens from Saturday.

Hot milo, anyone?

The forecast currently says we’ll be reaching a low of 18 degrees, before warming up to 29 on Saturday and just 27 on Sunday.

Anything below 25 is ‘cold’ in our books so just to be safe, track down the flanny sheets too…okay don’t go that far, yet.

Bowen’s conditions are mirroring Townsville’s, while in Ingham there'll be a low of 15 on Saturday morning, and don’t forget a beanie in Ayr where conditions will be similar.

BUT WAIT...Charters Towers will dip to 11 on Sunday morning, so just wear a flanny to bed and prepare to become good mates with it.


Triple M Townsville

27 April 2020

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Triple M Townsville

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