Pauline Hanson Tests Positive To Covid Days Out From Federal Election

Apologises for not dropping dead

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Pauline Hanson has tested positive to Covid only days before federal election.

One Nation Party leader revealed the news on radio this morning.

"I'm up to s***," Senator Hanson told KIIS radio, "I've got Covid," she said, while coughing.

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Senator Hanson confirmed the diagnosis in a statement, saying she was under the weather on Friday, but tested positive on Saturday.

"I will self-isolate in accordance with the current rules and do my best to drive One Nation policies from home ahead of this weekend," Senator Hanson said in the statement.

"I thank all of those people who have sent their well wishes and apologise to those who had hoped that I would drop dead."

Standing for re-election as a Queensland senator on Saturday, Ms Hansen believes she contracted the virus in Western Australia.

A spokesman for the Senator confirmed that Ms Hanson remained unvaccinated but has been treating herself with an unauthorised Covid remedy, ivermectin, which the Therapeutic Goods Administration warn can be dangerous.


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19 May 2022

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