Paw Patrol Set To Roll Out In Cairns As Dog Attacks Spike

Swing a stick at 'em

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Cairns Regional Council are flagged to boost their patrols with a spike in people and pet attacks.

An additional four stick-swinging animal management officers have been recommended to cope with the escalating rise in attacks as the latest figure reveal the number of canine attacks jumped to 684 in 2020-21, up from 507 the year before.

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Members of the council’s Paw Patrol working group are feeling confident their fellow councilmen will back their call for watchmen in hot spot areas.

The $500,000 earmarked for the project will also fund a new vehicle and equipment.

Driving the proposal, Cr Brett Old's, whose son was attacked by a dog in 2019, says the project will only work if the enforcers have the authority to hand out fines.

“We need to get the big stick out and whack a few people with it. You can’t just keep threatening people and expect behaviour to change.”

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Triple M Newsroom

16 July 2021

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