Pedro Pascal Talks Narcos, The Great Wall And Working With His Dream Director

'It was really just, crazy!'

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Pedro Pascal, star of cult TV shows Game of Thrones and Narcos caught up with Triple M’s Brendo to talk new movie The Great Wall, co-starring Matt Damon.

Pascal revealed what it was like to star in his first studio film alongside some of the best actors in the business and his dream director.  

“I only found out they (Damon and Dafoe) were in the movie after I got the part, which is crazy, because it was already too cool to be working with Zhang Yimou, I saw all his movies growing up,” Pascal said.

“I introduced myself to foreign cinema quite young, I was a bit of a movie nerd and had seen everything he’d ever made.

“Given the opportunity to work with him in my first year of film, only afterwards to find out Matt Damon would be playing the lead alongside Willem Dafoe, it was really just crazy.”

Brendo had to know of The Great Wall, what’s it like fighting a beast that’s essentially not even there?

“It’s a lot harder than it looks!” he said.

“If you don’t have an actual head to cut off, you’ve got to get it right over and over.”

“That’s when 'the beast' becomes the visual effects team who won’t stop until you get it right!”

After confirming filming for Narcos season three was underway, Brendo asked what we can expect.

“Narcos is very biographical, so you’d want to go to a lot of effort to get that story right?” he asked.

“The writers and the creators go to extreme efforts to get it right because they also back up the insane events with actual archival footage and news reels that took place," Pascal said.

“The fascinating thing is to be doing it in the actual place where it happened, and shoot the whole show in Columbia…it’s amazing to tell a story who’s history is just breathing down your neck.”

Listen to the full interview below where Pedro Pascal reveals how he became Matt Damon's 'third wheel':

The Great Wall, Starring Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal - in cinemas now.



16 February 2017

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