Peep This Jaw-Dropping Footage From The Inside Of Hurricane Dorian

Eye of the storm

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While Hurricane Dorian barrels towards the southeast coast of America leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, incredible footage from the centre of the storm paints a much calmer picture.

The vision was captured by the National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), who flew an aircraft right into the eye of the hurricane.

Worlds apart from the reality down on the ground, the centre of the storm is eerily still and sunny - until the pilots push back through the white cloud.

Watch below:


Hurricane Dorian is tipped to be the second strongest Atlantic hurricane on record, and has already devastated thousands of homes across the Bahamas.

There are also reports of a number of deaths.

As of midday, the storm had stalled over Grand Bahama, meaning the same area has been battered by strong winds and rain for more than 10 hours.

If it does make landfall in the US, Florida, Georgia and North and South Carolinas are expected to hit the hardest, although the Virginia Governor has also declared a state of emergency.

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3 September 2019

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