Personal Shark Deterrents - Have You Got Yours?

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Surfers and swimmers alike across Esperance are on high alert when it comes to the presence of sharks at our pristine beaches. 

Receivers have been going off throughout winter and even yesterday (November 17) a tagged Great White was detected off Kelpies.

Beach-goers are trying desperately to encourage sharks to stay away and there is a State Government scheme helping to do exactly that. Right now the McGowan Government are offering personal shark deterrent subsidies to help buy devices that will (hopefully) keep the scary creatures away from swimmers, surfers and divers. 

So far 4,000 scientifically proven personal deterrents have been claimed by Ocean users across WA. 

The program gives a $200 rebate when one of two deterrents are purchased. This means the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf (Bundle) is reduced to $299 and the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 is reduced to $399.

There are only 1,000 more rebates available. Ask your nearest surf store for more details and PLEASE stay safe in the water. 

Sean Lindsay

18 November 2019

Article by:

Sean Lindsay

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