Perth Dating Expert's Top Tips For Surviving V Day As A Single

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Local dating and relationship expert, Louanne Ward, has shared out some top tips for those of us who will be spending the big V-Day single (and probably alone) on Thursday.

According to Ward, both the combination of social media and the commercialisation of Valentine's Day means that many singles end up "desperate dating" in the lead up to the actual day.

This means bad choices, usually with incompatible partners, that often leads to a string of disappointing experiences.

If you are indeed single and reading this, Ward has some top advice for you:

  • Stay off social media: it’s a hive of negativity for singles on Valentine’s Day. Comparing what others have to what you don’t is an endless waste of emotional energy. The time apart from your phone is liberating.
  • Put things into perspective: every person will spend Valentine’s Day alone at some point. Even people in relationships aren’t always together for every special occasion.
  • Bask in the happiness of others. Nobody attracts a partner by viewing other people’s relationships and being jealous or envious. Given couples are breaking up as often as people are getting together, chances are the very couple you are envying will at some point not be the happy couple you are envying anymore.
  • Plan your day and stick to it. Keep busy with things that make you happy, whatever they are to you - nature, animals, smiling, exercise, your favourite food, friends, family and music all raise your mood and release small doses of dopamine. If you do lots of little things that make you happy, it’s impossible not to feel good.

For more info on Louanne and what she does, visit her website.


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12 February 2019

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