Perth's Paranormal: "We Actually Caught A Ghost On Cam"

AND YES! We have the footage!

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This morning, we asked for what's been captured on your CCTV and jeepers, Richardo rang in with a doozy.

He rung in to say he captured what looks to be paranormal activity at his mate's house. His mate had rung Richardo complaining of things moving around in the house, so Richardo organised some CCTV to go up and capture what happens at night.

Richardo then said this.

"...the next morning he rang me up, terrified, he actually caught a ghost on cam,

"I swear to God!"


As you'll hear, we asked Richardo to provide the footage and he did not disappoint.


Paranormal activity in Perth. We love it!


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Written by: @dantheinternut


18 November 2020

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