Petition For Change To Dangerous Townsville Road Gaining Support

Locals want a change!

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Already this year 131 people have lost their lives in crashes on Queensland roads. 

This week started on a tragic note when a 62-year-old woman passed away in a 2 vehicle crash on Woolcock Street at the Weston Street intersection. 

Now locals are taking a stand and demanding changed conditions to the 'hazardous' intersection. 

David Kerr has created the petition which has received over 100 signatures of support in less than 24 hours. 

"Due to this type of intersection people are taking risks to cross the intersection or enter onto the main highway which is currently 100 km an hour," David explained online. 

The local man has suggested that a set of traffic lights at the intersection would help 'alleviate the issues' that drivers currently face. 

"Reducing this speed would not alleviate the dangers of this intersection only a direct change to this intersection would make it safer for all drivers."

You can go online and sign the petition here



Triple M Townsville

11 September 2019

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Triple M Townsville

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