Planning A Holiday? Here's The Best Things To Do On Magnetic Island!

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Dreaming of a holiday? Magnetic Island should be on your 'to visit' list! Just 8km from Townsville, Magnetic Island boasts 23 beautiful bays and beaches, it's home to Northern Australia's largest colony of koalas living in the wild and is the only fully self-contained island in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Sounding good? Here's some of the best things to do on Magnetic Island: 

Forts Walk  

You can't go to Magnetic Island without doing the Forks Walk! It's truly a history lovers dream, with WWII history, a number of gun emplacements, an observation tower and a command post - which is still intact. It's also the best place to see Northern Australia's largest population of koalas in the wild. The top si truly spectacular, with 360 degree views of the coast and Coral Sea. It's the most popular trail for a reason! It will take you around 90 minutes to complete.

Hire a topless car

Get around the island in the most fun way with a topless car! These convertibles seat four people comfortably and you can hire it for the whole day! It's the most exciting way to get around, taking in the sights and the sunshine!

Snorkel Geoffrey Bay 

If you want to get amongst the coral and fish, you need to head to Geoffrey Bay for a snorkel! Before you head out, make sure you pick up a swim card from one of the retailers, as it has useful info about all the coral and fish you can see during the snorkel. Simply wrap the swim card around your wrist, walk off the beach and you just need to follow the white floats that outline the snorkel trail!

Do a tour with Aquascene

Leave it up to the professionals! Jump on an Aquascene tour experience and check out some of the best spots you can't find on your own - secluded beaches, snorkel coral reefs, meet local wildlife and more! Aquascene is multi-award winning and family owned with 35 years of knowledge on Magnetic Island.

Check out the wildlife Bungalow Bay Koala Park

Enjoy the opportunity to get up close and personal with Magnetic Island's unique wildlife. You'll get to see the island's best while interacting and learning about turtles, pythons, wombats, lizards, crocodiles and, most importantly, Magnetic Island's icon - koalas! The tour is suitable for all ages and is the perfect educational experience on the island. 

For more information on what you can discover, head to SeaLink Queensland's website and Facebook page.
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23 September 2020

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