Plans for Fast Rail Linking Brisbane To Sunny Coast In Just 45 Minutes

Business to beach in record time

Amy Drew

18 January 2018

Amy Drew

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Forget slugging your way up the Bruce Highway to visit the beautiful Sunshine Coast - the Federal Government has shortlisted a fast rail plan that'll get commuters from Brisbane to Maroochydore in a speedy 45 minutes.

The project, North Coast Connect, would contain 200km of supercharged track, save passengers two hours on a return trip and relieve pressure on the ever-congested Bruce Highway.

The stretch is predicted to cost between $3 billion and $5 billion, MPs are demanding it be funded under the $10 billion set aside under the Prime Minister's National Rail Program. If approved, it will be Australia's first fast rail line.

"It will expand job and study options, enable more lifestyle choice and build an economically strong and user-friendly southeast corner," Member for Fairfax Ted O'Brien told The Courier Mail.

Queensland's peak motoring body RACQ say they're very excited about the plan.

"You're essentially giving couple of hours a day back to people to spend with their families and friends. When we talk about congestion it's not a logistics issue but a lifestyle issue," said spokesperson Paul Turner.

"Its [Bruce Highway] become increasingly bad and quite quickly. It wasn't one of our top worries a few years ago but now that stretch, particularly the section after Caboolture into Brisbane has become extremely congested in the mornings and afternoons, and it's due to commuters essentially having to come into the city to work from the Sunshine Coast."

"All of our research has shown that rail is a game changer when it comes to people making the choice. Rather than being forced onto public transport, they're actually choosing to use it if they're got a fast, reliable alternative."

Turner said one of the most important things will be making sure the fares are reasonable so the service doesn't go to waste.

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