PM Predicts Mass Hiring Blitz Ahead Of Christmas

Job resurgence?

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has predicted a boost for the national economy, revealing that 280,000 jobs will become available.

As employers launch a hiring blitz, Morrison is adamant the jobs will be filled by Christmas time.

A forecast analysis by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) predict a wage growth and hiring boom as COVID-19 restrictions ease across the country.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants Australians to take on the opportunities available.

“The jobs are there and we are looking to get people into those jobs to support these businesses,” Morrison said.

New South Wales and Victoria make up 57% of all employment in Australia, and leaders are urging residents to go out and secure a job.

With many restrictions on international travel, jobs generally filled by overseas workers or international students have now become available with the reopening of non-essential services.

Reports from The Australian say about 148,800 of the new jobs will come from New South Wales, 123,000 in Victoria and 10,700 in the ACT.

With many still hesitant to return to work under the 'new-normal', jobs are becoming increasingly available - latest wage figures show a 2.2% slight increase for 2021 up until September.

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18 November 2021

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