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Three robbery incidents in Griffith

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Murrumbidgee Police District

Murrumbidgee Criminal Investigation Unit Detectives are investigating three Robbery incidents committed at local Service Stations.  They would appreciate any information you may have on this person. Contact Murrumbidgee Police (02) 6969 4299 or CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

The first incident occurred at the Lowes petroleum BP Top Town Service Station 477 Banna Avenue Griffith on the 04/11/2019, about 9.50pm the male person of interest walked into the service station wearing a face mask, wearing dark clothing and carrying a bag. The male approached the front counter and attendant and removed a large bladed knife and demanded the attendant give him money from the cash register. The male took the money and left the location in an unknown direction.

The Second incident occurred at 8.33pm on the 06/11/2019 at the Metro Service Station 45 -50 Hanwood Road Hanwood, A male person approached the front counter of the service station and the attendant. The Male un zipped his jacket and removed a large bladed kitchen carving knife from inside his jacket and pointed the knife towards the attendant. The male demanded cash and cigarettes the attendant complied. The Male then waved the knife in front of the attendants face and left the service station walking south east along Hanwood road. The attendant immediately called 000.

The last incident occurred at 9.48pm on the 15/11/2019 at Lowes petroleum BP Top Town Service Station 477 Banna Avenue Griffith. The male person of interest was standing at the secured front door of the Petrol Station premises wearing a hooded jacket and sunglasses. The Attendant motions to the person of interest to remove his glasses. The males refuses and it is at this time the Attendant notices the knife in the Males jacket. The knife was described as a kitchen knife with a black handle.The Attendant did not open the doors and immediately returned to the rear of the store to contact police. The male was last seen walking towards Wayeela Street Griffith.

It is clear from the CCTV footage, the similar clothing and the actions of the suspect in this matter that all three Robberies may be linked. Police are appealing for any information from the public to assist in this investigation.

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The offender has been described as a male person possibly between the ages of 25 and 40, dark complexion, between 160 and 170cms tall, possible acne scarring on his face, wearing a black black fleece hoodie, hood over his head, a Black bomber jacket, black sunglasses, dark pants and tan coloured shoes, and hiking style boots. In the first incident the offender wears a black cap with a distinctive white marking similar to a trident symbol.

19 November 2019

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