Police Commissioner Confirms Easing Of Restrictions In State's South East

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Restrictions across the south east of the state will be lifted effective immediately, arranged by South Australia's Transition Committee.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said the cross-border bubble would revert back to 70km either side of the border with Victoria, with the exclusion of Portland.

"The additional restrictions that have been imposed on Wattle Range, Grant and the City of Mount Gambier have been lifted."

From Friday morning, those from the south-east will operate under the same restrictions as the rest of the state.

The Mount Gambier, Grant and Wattle Range areas were faced with stringent restrictions which included limits on home and private gatherings.

Reports come in the wake of a Mount Gambier woman testing positive to Covid-19 after returning from Victoria, with no new exposure sites or new cases linked to the case.

The restrictions, which also included a cap of two visitors to homes, 10 people at weddings and funerals and bans on sport have businesses hustling to reopen.

“People in those local government areas are free to return to the same activities as everyone else in South Australia,” Mr Stevens said.

“There are strong indications from wastewater analysis that there is Covid present in the Portland community and as a result of that... we are excluding the town of Portland from the cross-border travel area.”

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8 October 2021

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