Police have charged two 15 year old's following an alleged robbery in Smithfield.

A convenience store was targeted.

3 March 2019

Article heading image for Police have charged two 15 year old's following an alleged robbery in Smithfield.

Smithfield detectives charged two 15-year-old males following investigations into an armed robbery at a Smithfield convenience store at around 5.40am on Friday March 1.

Police will allege the pair gained entry to the rear of the store and accessed the counter area, one male was allegedly carrying a baseball bat.

The pair allegedly stole cigarettes and a purse before being confronted by a store employee. They then allegedly demanded a draw be opened and fled the store after their request was refused.

Police will allege the males fled in a stolen car and then attended a Rabaul St convenience store where they allegedly exited the car with their faces masked. One male then allegedly used the baseball bat to smash through a glass panelled door.

The male entered the store and damaged a computer cable and attempted to unsuccessfully gain entry to a cigarette cabinet. The pair again fled in the stolen car.

Police will allege that a stolen Land Cruiser was used, the car was allegedly stolen from Limewood St at Mount Sheridan in the early hours on March 1.

Following extensive police investigations, the pair were taken in to custody yesterday evening.

One male was charged with armed robbery, entering a premises with intent, possession of a dangerous drug, unlicenced driving and two counts each of burglary, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and stealing.

The second male was charged with entering a premises, robbery, two counts each of unlawful use of a motor vehicle and attempted burglary and four counts of burglary following investigations into other outstanding offence.

Chief Superintendent Brian Huxley commended the work of investigators.

“Our Criminal Investigations Branches in the Cairns region are focusing on robbery offences, as announced on Friday, which has seen an immediate impact following a series of arrests over the weekend”.


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