Police left scratching their heads after attempted robberies.

A man is in custody.

27 February 2019

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A man is in custody following a bizarre series of incidents across Cairns early yesterday morning.

Events unfolded at around 2.20am when a man and another couple got into a taxi at a Parramatta Park address and were driven into the CBD. The couple paid the fare at the destination however the man remained in the cab and requested the driver take him to a Mulgrave Road address.

Part way through the journey the man asked the driver to take him to Townsville. The driver declined the request and the man then asked to be taken to the Cairns Airport. The driver advised the man that the airport would be closed however agreed to the request after the man insisted on the journey.

Upon finding the airport closed, the man again demanded the driver take him to Townsville. The driver stopped his cab at North Cairns and asked the man to leave the vehicle. The man allegedly became aggressive toward the driver, who then got out of the vehicle.

It is alleged the man also exited the cab and threatened the driver with violence before demanding he hand over the vehicle keys.

The driver then calmed the situation by agreeing to take the man to Townsville and continued to drive inbound on Sheridan Street, before stopping at a fuel station on Spence Street.

On arrival there the driver got out of the vehicle and ran to another cab to advise of the situation.

It will be further alleged that the man then got out of the cab and got into a delivery truck that was parked at the location, revving the engine before trying to drive off. The delivery driver immediately returned to the cab and forcibly removed the man, who attempted unsuccessfully to re-enter the cab several times.

It will be further alleged the man then entered the fuel station store area and demanded money from the console operator, before climbing over the counter and attempting to take money from the cash till. The employee pushed him away from the till to prevent the theft.

Police were contacted and attended shortly afterward, taking the man into custody at the scene.

It will be further alleged that upon being lodged at the Cairns Police watch house facility, the man adopted a fighting stance and threatened to assault officers when they attempted to move him between cells. He was subsequently subdued and moved as required.

The 28-year-old Parramatta Park man was charged with two counts of attempted robbery and one count each of attempted unlawful use of some motor vehicle and obstructing police.

He has been remanded to reappear in the Cairns Magistrates Court on March 18.


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