Police Reach Out To Public For Assistance In Locating Stolen Platypus

The platypus was taken from Moreton Bay

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Queensland police are reaching out to the public for assistance in locating a platypus which is alleged to have been stolen from the wild in Moreton Bay.

Two people have been spotted boarding a train with a wild platypus at around 11AM on Wednesday in Morayfield in Moreton Bay.

Police are urging the pair to hand the platypus into a vet or officers before it becomes ill.

The two people were seen with the platypus “wrapped in a towel” and showing other train commuters.

The pair are believed to have been travelling to Caboolture at the time.

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The Queensland Department of Environment and Science along with Caboolture Police have expressed concerns for the animal’s well-being with the platypus at high risk of disease if not released back into the wild.

"The animal may become sick, be diseased or die the longer is it out of the wild and should not be fed or introduced to a new environment," police said.

"It may also have venomous spurs which can cause significant injury to people and animals.

"The animal's timely surrender will ensure its welfare."

Anyone with information as to the animal’s whereabouts are being urged to contact police.

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Georgie Marr

6 April 2023

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Georgie Marr

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