Police Treating Rene Latimore Case as Suspicious

The case continues

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A homicide investigation has been launched after Police discovered a body on a Koumala property.

Police made the discovery on Saturday during a search for missing 31-year-old Rene Latimore.

Police treating Rene Latimore case as suspicious

Detective Inspector Tom Armitt confirmed that they are yet to formally identify the body, but they believe it to be the 31-year-old mother.

“We have yet to get a formal identification, however, we strongly believe that the person that we have located to be Rene Latimore who has been missing since the 9th of August.”

Detective Inspector Armitt says they’re treating the woman’s death as suspicious and were yet to identify a cause of death.

Rene Latimore was last seen in the Illbilbie area on August 9 however it wasn’t until August 18 when her family had returned after being away, that they reported her missing.

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31 August 2021

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