Police urge motorists to lock vehicles

Here's what to keep in mind

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In the lead up to Christmas, South Australia Police are issuing a warning to car owners to lock up your vehicles and not to leave valuables in sight following a recent increase in thefts from cars.

Incidents have occurred across all days of the week and at all times of the day and night. 

Items targeted include: cash, credit cards, bags, driver's licences, wallets and vehicle registration plates. 

Drivers please ensure you follow the below Crime Prevention tips: 
Close your vehicle windows
Conceal valuables (do this before you park as you may be watched) 
Remove all valuables from your vehicle if you can’t conceal them (including roller door remote controls)
Remove any documents which may identify the home addresses and details of the owners
Lock your vehicle doors and do not leave spare keys hidden in or on your vehicle
Park in well lit and highly visible areas
Park your vehicle off the road and if possible in a locked garage
Do not place your name, address or registration number on your key-tag
Carry your keys with you.  DO NOT leave them at home when you go out.
Replace your number plate screws with non reversible screws to help prevent having your number plate stolen (available from the RAA).

Visit the SAPOL websites at: https://www.police.sa.gov.au/your-safety/crime-prevention-and-security/safety-and-security-tips for crime prevention information.

18 December 2019

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