Popular Instagram Account 'Brown Cardigan' Has Been Shut Down

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Today is a sad day for many Australian's as viral Instagram account 'Brown Cardigan' has been shut down. 

The account contained many 'loose' videos of members of the Australian public doing random, funny & sometimes controversial things. 

The administrators of the account made a statement earlier today that they are 'guttered' with Instagram's decision to close down the popular account.

However, they posted a link to their back-up account to keep providing content for their loyal fanbase.  

They posted the following statement on their website:

Hello there;

As many of you would already know, @browncardigan was officially removed from Instagram on September 12th, 2019. This happened against our will and without prior warning from Instagram. We are yet to receive any formal notifcation from Instagram as to why this has happened.

Obviously we're bloody guttered by this.

We're currently doing everything we can to get in contact with Instagram to try and resolve this.

In the meantime, follow our official back-up account: @browncardigan69.

We also have heaps of stuff going on at Facebook and YouTube (as well as right here for all your legend OG heads.)

This isn't a full-stop. And we'll keep you posted as this issue progresses, as well as what we decide to do next.

Thanks + Love 4eva,
Brown Cardigan Management

13 September 2019

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