Ports stun slow starting Newtown-Condi

Ports 69 def Lions 38

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It was the game that was unexpected to some and anticipated by others across the EDFA league, with the Ports Footy Club recording their second (technically first) win of the year against Newtown -Condi at Ports oval by five goals.

The game was ravished by wind and the Ports captain Jack Adams aka Barnsy had an early win with the toss going against the Lions skipper Jacob Oversby, and the Blues opting to kick with the breeze. The home side would use the conditions effectively kicking four goals to nil in the first quarter.

It is worth to note that Ports went into the game with a decidedly different game style to other occasions, preferring to maintain possession and look for shorter, smaller options. Creating overlaps going forward was critical as resting midfielder Campbell getting his name on the scoresheet in the first term.

The second quarter yielded better results for the away side, who kicked two goals to stay in touch. Liam O’Callaghan put on a master class however, kicking two goals and opening up a five goal lead for Ports who was running hard into the wind.

The game would be hotly contested after half time, with both sides scoring evenly but the damage had already been done.

Newtown-Condi will rue the slow start, but will find some positives in the return of Barker and Holdman, who were both prominent and hit the scoreboard. The coaching staff will require a lift from the side after the bye. Miraculously the Lions may retain second spot as EDFA officials investigate whether the Bulldogs played an ineligible player in their Round 8 fixture against Gibson. It will be the second time this year the Doggies have had points taken from them, both under the exact same circumstances.

Barnsy, the Ports Captain, spoke to Sean on the Breaky show below

For the Ports side, their leaders and coaches will be hoping to carry their momentum through and past the bye to take on Gibson. Their (unofficial) second win for the year puts them in excellent stead come the point end of the year, as the team strikes a great balance between youth in Liddlelow and Buckley, and experience, Puna and Johnston. Their high running, skilled game with an attention to sticking tackles at ground level is the blueprint to success come August and September.

Sean Lindsay

4 July 2019

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Sean Lindsay

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