Poseidon Passengers Surprised By Humpback Whale

Joined in on snorkelling!

Amber Lowther

8 August 2018

Amber Lowther

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Snorkelling Poseidon passengers had a pleasant surprise yesterday! A curious juvenile humpback whale decided they'd join in on the fun.


Crew kept the snorkelers in a tight group as the 3-4 year old whale swam around for 20 minutes while they were moored at Helms Deep reef site at Agincourt Reef 2. 

Skipper Dan Hill said, ”The level of curiosity was extreme which I have not seen before and he made at least 20 passes.  Poseidon diver Liam Platt was in awe “this whale seemed to be even more curious than a minke whale.  This is a once in a lifetime event for someone who spends every day on the reef”.

Humpbacks are generally seen on the Great Barrier Reef between the months of June to September. 

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