Potentially Thousands of Cases: Queensland’s Damning DNA Testing Bungle Exposed

‘Untrue statements’

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Thousands of violent offenders may have gotten away with heinous crimes, and as many victims left without closure, after an inquiry has found Queensland Health’s Forensic Scientific Service ignored DNA samples.

Findings from the interim report revealed on Tuesday, found that potentially thousands of legal cases have been compromised by faulty procedures with “untrue” statements made by Queensland’s state-run forensics lab.

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Acting Assistant Commissioner Marcus Hill said crimes mishandled in the DNA bungle could include homicide, rape and robbery, with the number of cases impacted unknown.

“It could be 1000, it could be 9000 – nobody really understands that,” he said.

“Worst case scenario, there could be people that are offenders that are still out there.

- Acting Assistant Commissioner Marcus Hill

While, Queensland Health Minister Yvette d'Ath said the government is working to rectify the issue as a priority.

“If there’s one — just one case, one victim, one alleged perpetrator — where the DNA shows a connection, whether partially or full, to someone involved in a crime, then we have a responsibility to act and provide that person with justice in whatever way we can,” she said.

The inquiry was launched in June after The Australian’s podcast Shandee’s Story raised concerns about the forensic examination procedures in Queensland.

Police have set up a hotline for any person who believes they may be affected.


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21 September 2022

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