Powderfinger Bassist John "JC" Collins Behind New Brisbane Live Music Venue

Fortitude Music Hall

5 September 2018

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Powderfinger bassist John "JC" Collins is one of a group of Australian music heavy hitters behind Brisbane's new live music venue.

The Fortitude Music Hall is backed by Collins, Secret Sounds co-founder Paul Piticco (responsible for Splendour and Falls music festivals) and entertainment giants Live Nation, who all say they hope it will pay homage to the iconic building that stood there before it - Festival Hall.

Speaking earlier today, Collins revealed that it had always been a "dream and mission" to build a venue that would "fill the void" felt since Festival Hall closed in 2003.

"We drew inspiration from all the beautiful Art Deco theatres and venues that existed in Brisbane and were torn down in the 80s," he said.

"The masterplan is well and truly rolling out for a venue and space that will enhance the area and one that the community will enjoy and benefit from for many years to come.

"We are doing this for Brisbane!"


Piticco echoed Collins' sentiments, adding: "The support we've received from the Brisbane community and the music community nationally has been incredible.

"We are focused on delivering a very special space for artists, industry and fans alike.

"Over time we hope The Fortitude Music Hall can become as iconic as Festival Hall was."

The new venue will also include a "mixed retail and special events space", in time expanding to include additional restaurant and bar options.


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