Prepare for Bushfire Season NOW

QFES hotspots

3 July 2018

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Darling Downs locals are being told to prepare for the upcoming bushfire season NOW as parts of South East Qld could be heading for an early start to the season thanks to the unseasonably dry conditions.

Warwick and Stanthorpe have both made the QFES Bushfire Hotspot regions for 2018.

QFES say residents and landholders need to be proactive and finalise their preparations now. That means clearing up yards, removing dry or dead leaf litter and keeping flammable items away from homes and sheds.

Those on larger properties should determine if they need firebreaks in place or conduct any final hazard reduction burns, remembering to always speak to the local fire warden for advice on local conditions and to obtain a permit.

We are being reminded that bushfires don’t discriminate. Embers can travel significant distances, crossing several properties and streets to impact areas well ahead of the fire line.

Preparation, including having a Bushfire Survival Plan, can prevent heartache and give you, your family and your property a fighting chance should bushfire strike.

Firefighters are urging residents to prepare now before it’s too late.

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