Pressure Mounts On Central Coast Council To Sell-Off Water Supply Authority

Money down the drain?

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The Central Coast Water Authority has become a hot topic among local politicians deliberating over whether it should be sold to settle the Council's massive debts.

Mounting pressure on the cash-strapped Central Coast Council from past and present MP's to improve its bottom line is driving the heated debate.

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Former Wyong Mayor Bob Graham has thrown his support behind the move voicing it would be a means to an end in solving a lot of problems, including the proposed 10-year rate rise.

"There will be money left over and that money could to a lot of things for the central coast. Things like gutters, roads, drainage that's desperately needed all the way from Umina to Gwandalan"

- Bob Graham

But that's where the buck stops with the Council's Administrator, Rik Hart in fervent disagreement with the proposal along with several Coast MP's.

Mr Hart has said that "it would be crazy to let that go in the current environment"


Meanwhile, Shadow minister for the Coast David Harris has said the long-term prospects of the project would hit residents even harder.

"If we were to lose public ownership of our water and sewer, there is no doubt that prices would go up and over the longer term we would lose revenue"

- MP David Harris

The prospects of council unloading its water assets, including dams, reservoirs and treatment plants remains the contentious option to avoiding rate hikes for the next decade.

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9 July 2021

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