Protect Your Pups From Ticks Cos There's Been A Spike In Paralysis Cases

It's a totally preventable disease

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Queensland dog owners are being urged to make sure their pups are properly protected against tick paralysis, with vets seeing a spike in cases thanks to the recent wet and muggy weather we experienced through Spring.

The disease is preventable with a simple treatment and regular fur checks, but worryingly a recent survey found over one-third of dogs are not protected.

One of Queensland's leading emergency veterinarians, Dr Rob Webster, said no dog should have to suffer a death at the hands of tick paralysis.

"Dogs with tick paralysis, they can't walk, they can't breathe and it's just a terrible disease that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy," he said.

Dr Webster said it's really important to watch out for the signs of tick paralysis and inspect your pets on a daily basis, especially in warmer and more humid conditions.

"Things to look out for include a pet that might be a bit wobbly on their legs, unable to go upstairs or a change in their bark. If you notice any of those changes, it's time to see the vet straight away."

It's also very important to make sure owners are researching Australian websites for online information about the disease, a simple Google search brings up several overseas results at first look, in countries where ticks are not as deadly and treatments don't come with the same amount of urgency.

"When you read about tick paralysis online, you'll see a lot of articles about American ticks where really all you have to do is pull them off and the pet gets better. That is not the case with the Australian paralysis tick. Even if you pull it off and get your pet to the vet hospital, there's still a significant chance that the pet might die from it. It is a devastating parasite," said Dr Webster.


Amy Drew

8 November 2017

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Amy Drew

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