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History of any town I feel is something very important to preserve. The more I learn about this wonderful great southern, the more I am amazed by the historical significance that many landmarks have had on many towns. One that I have recently learned about is Wagin Lake which is in dire need of support otherwise it will cease to exist. 

I spoke to a local named Jean about this Lake and she mentioned the floods of February 2017 and how it effected the lake:

"The floods back in February 2017 filled Wagin Lake almost to capacity and water has remained in the lake right through and remains almost full now. This is the first time after living on the banks of the lake for eight years that l have seen the lake function as a living, vibrant entity. It is supporting hundreds and hundreds of birds. We have had over one hundred black swans (still on the lake as l write), ducks galore, egrets and even pelicans, thousands of damselflies and dragon flies and NO MOSQUITOS. Watching the lake come to life has been one of the greatest joys of my life. This is Wagin's lake. lt is worth saving"

We also spoke about the history of the lake as quoted below:

"Wagin Lake is on Great Southern Highway, but is hidden from the road view so not many people are aware of it even being there. It covers 63 hectares and these days is a seasonal lake with dry periods over summer. It has cultural, social and environmental significance and is where the town of Wagin derives its name. Because it is a hidden lake it does not have a high public profile. But over the last year due to heavy rainfall the lake has remained full and has burst into life with a myriad of birdlife (up to 200 black swans, our state emblem) being supported by this living lake"

With this lake in trouble, there is a push to save this through extra signs in regards to use of the lake and much more. Hear my interview with Jean tomorrow on the show and feel free to check out the @SaveWaginLake facebook page. - Draker

9 May 2018

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