PVI Collective To Take Over Albany In Immersive Gaming Experience

So like The Purge, but fun?

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Prepare for creative disruption across Albany as the streets are taken over by PVI Collective in an immersive experience called deviator

From Wednesday 9th - Saturday 13th April, the exciting new outdoor game will invite participants to "temporarily transform their city into a playground" using a smart phone guide. 

"As a deviator, your mission is to seek out and activate 15 audio instructions hidden in public spaces and play as many of the games as possible... Each game encourages players to explore their public space in a new way and deviate from the norm."

- PVI Collective

Deviator will blend altered versions of childrens' games with subtle live performances.

Co-artistic director Kelli McCluskey said that it "invites audiences to playfully misbehave in their own city streets", and aims to provoke people "to think about personal freedoms and the politics of public space" in a fun way.

The Perth-founded tactical media art group aims to make audiences into activists, saving the world through creative play and revolutionary fun by examining and challenging aspects of modern society.

Find out more at https://pvicollective.com/


Ebony Reeves

27 March 2019

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Ebony Reeves

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